You desired my attention but denied my affections: White Blank Page and why it is my favourite Mumford & Sons track

There’s no doubt that Mumford & Sons are one of my favourite bands of the last few years, if not, my favourite. Not only are their albums incredible, but amazingly, they still had all that album energy and more when I went to see them live in Christchurch last November. But there is one track of theirs that stands out above the rest for me, and that is White Blank Page.

For some reason, this song finds itself played more than any other on my iTunes, the stirring lyrics delivered by Marcus with such raw emotion making the song truly moving.

The lyrics somehow manage to speak to me in a way that songs don’t usually get to me. Lyrics such as tell me now where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart suggest a heart-wrenching story of unrequited love or perhaps even infidelity.

The line you did not think, when you sent me to the brink coupled with my personal favourite line of the song you desired my attention, but denied my affections are delivered with such passion and give a sense of genuine empathy with anyone unfortunate enough to have found themselves in that situation.

Without delving too much into matters which are rather personal, suffice to say that there was someone in my life ‘who did not think when they sent me to the brink’ and definitely ‘desired my attention but denied my affections’. I found that this song spoke to me at a time when I struggled to speak to others about how I was feeling, and provided some assurance that others had been through a similar situation and came out the other side relatively unscathed even though it all feels like a deep and dark black hole at the time.

From Mumford & Sons debut album ‘Sigh No More’, White Blank Page is a track that conveys all the emotions one is feeling when they cannot muster up more than a white blank page themselves to describe their own feelings of heartbreak to others.

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