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‘Ice Challenge’ proceeds declined due to safety and ethical concerns

Cleft New Zealand does not endorse the Ice Challenge as a method of charity fundraising. Despite its popularity in New Zealand and around the world as a charity fundraising mechanism, the Ice Challenge, which, among other things, includes the pouring of freezing cold water onto a person’s head and neck, is a very dangerous and potentially fatal activity with at least one death reported in New Zealand over the past month. Cleft New Zealand does not encourage people to partake in the Ice Challenge and from a personal and moral viewpoint, as well as part of my and our commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of our stakeholders and the wider community, we will not knowingly accept funds raised in this manner. There are many other activities that you can participate in to raise funds for Cleft NZ such as a sponsored run, walk or swim, or by helping to sell Entertainment Books in your community. Cleft NZ are always open to new fundraising ideas so long as they reflect our ethos, and you are welcome to pitch ideas to us anytime by emailing

Kenny Ardouin
Chief Executive Officer
Cleft New Zealand

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