Christchurch Now

Christchurch Now was a community focussed breakfast programme on Plains FM 96.9 – broadcast live from 8am every Tuesday.

You can also access the entire back catalogue via the Podcast Library.

Synopsis from the programme:

“We love our city and want the best for it and its citizens so every Tuesday CHRISTCHURCH NOW will delve into the community to present the ideas, experiences and activities of those working behind the scenes. Hosted by Kenny Ardouin, with support from Plains FM management, we’ll uncover the great stuff happening in our city and those making a contribution for positive change – the organisations, the thinkers, the activators. Kenny Ardouin invites people living and working across our city to tell us what’s going on in Christchurch from their perspective. Christchurch Now – a look at ourselves as we work towards a city that all of us can be truly proud of. Tune in every Tuesday morning from 8, listen online or download the podcasts at to hear the stories that make our city so special.”