Wireless Watchdog

Wireless Watchdog was my current affairs breakfast programme on Plains FM 96.9 – live from 8am every second Thursday and repeated Fridays at 11am from August 2015 until March 2018.

You can access the entire back catalogue via the Podcast Library.

Synopsis from the programme:

“Live from 8am on every second Thursday and repeated at 11am on every second Friday on Christchurch & Canterbury’s 96.9FM Plains FM, the Wireless Watchdog is Plains FM’s only New Zealand current affairs programme.

Hosted by Kenny Ardouin, Wireless Watchdog brings honest, open and opinionated discussion on issues affecting those in Canterbury free of any corporate and governmental influence.

Wireless Watchdog values fairness, equity, transparency and honesty and features regular interviews with the various parties associated with the topic of discussion.

Experiencing an injustice that you’d like our help with? Let the Wireless Watchdog know about it – send us a message or an email and we’ll see what we can do!

Available on Christchurch & Canterbury’s Plains FM 96.9 from Cheviot to Ashburton and everywhere in between.”