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About Me

After growing up in East Sussex, United Kingdom, I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and I now consider Aotearoa to be home. I returned in early 2020 from an amazing two years living and working in the United Kingdom based in the vibrant city of London.

I have both a personal and academic interest in cleft lip and palate and have travelled the world to learn about cleft, as well as share my knowledge on cleft to others. I am a former CEO of Cleft New Zealand, and in July 2021 completed a three and a half year stint as the Adult Services Manager at the Cleft Lip and Palate Association in the UK.

I also freelance as a public speaker and MC, and thoroughly enjoy giving talks that encourage people to make the most of life’s opportunities. If you have an opportunity that you would like me to speak at, do get in touch – I’m always looking for a worthy cause to lend myself to.

I also know a thing or two about technology and enjoy helping out and learning more where I can.

Here in Aotearoa, I work as a Lecturer at the University of Canterbury in the School of Psychology, Speech and Hearing. I recently completed a Masters research project looking at the psychological impact of speech differences in New Zealand adults who were born with a cleft, and in August 2022 began a three-year follow up study at UC looking at designing and delivering interventions to improve quality of life for people who were born with cleft (this three-year study will form my PhD).

I was the Radio Presenter and Producer of the Wireless Watchdog and Christchurch Now breakfast programmes on Plains FM 96.9. I also worked for Plains FM 96.9 during 2020 covering the COVID-19 pandemic with Be Kind, Be Safe, Unite Against COVID-19.

Except where otherwise stated, all views are my own.

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