Wireless Watchdog Episode #68: 09 Nov 2017

Closing the Gender Pay Gap & Teaching Healthy Relationships and Self-Love

Synopsis: Kenny speaks with Minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter about the gender pay gap, and then to Irene Wakefield, CEO & Founder of Prepair NZ about her organisation that teaches about healthy relationships and the importance of self-love.

Guests: Julie Anne Genter, Irene Wakefield

Christchurch Now Episode #13: 31 Oct 2017

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Conference & Keeping New Zealand Beautiful

Synopsis: Kenny speaks with Ken Clearwater, Manager of the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust about the upcoming MSSA Conference, then to Alex Davids, Chairperson of Keeping New Zealand Beautiful.

Guests: Ken Clearwater, Alex Davids

Christchurch Now Episode #11: 17 Oct 2017

Pop Up Concert Series & Baby Loss Awareness

Synopsis: Kenny speaks with Isabella Miller Bell about her experiences as a singer, songwriter and musician in NZ and around the globe, then later to Jenny Payne and Lucy Hiku from Itty Bitty Beats about the heartache of losing a child, and their baby loss awareness music to help those going through the grief of losing a child.

Guests: Isabella Miller Bell, Lucy Hiku, Jenny Payne