In this section of the website, you will find many of the resources and pieces that I have put together regarding cleft lip and palate.

In the resources section, you will find videos and podcasts from some of my presentations that I have given over the years, as well as some interviews I’ve done with various media outlets.

You can find a list of my upcoming presentations, including location and ticketing information, as well as a record of my past presentations here.

You also can find abstracts and links to all my peer-reviewed publications on cleft here.

You also can see all posts I have written about cleft lip and palate – there’s a lot of them. Have a browse: All cleft-related blog posts

What others are saying

Thank you so much, Kenny. As a parent of a cleft-affected child, it has been wonderful listening to you. Our son is still young, but I know these conversations will happen one day. Thanks for sharing your articulate perspective. Cheers, Meg

Meg, Australia

Thanks so much Kenny Ardouin , it was wonderful to hear your side of the Cleft Journey. My daughter Briony was fortunate enough to meet you and some amazing other Cleft affected adults, children & their families in Brisbane at the Cleftpals Qld Meet & Greet in Feb. You were an inspiration to her and […]

Clare, Australia

Honestly wish my 1 year old was able to listen to your words tonight. I will save for when she is older. Really appreciate your honesty and simplicity. Made me teary but in a good way. So thank you. It really helps and hope to hear more.

Allison, Australia

Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I gained a lot from your talk. It made me stop and think about things. Especially when you spoke about not wanting anymore surgeries once you hit your teens. I hadn’t really thought much about that. It’s a possibility my 11 month old might some day decide the […]

Brooke, Australia

Thank you Kenny. You’re a valuable resource for us and I love reading your blog.

Rebekah, New Zealand

Thanks for sharing Kenny. So great to have your “having lived through it” perspective on all things cleft related. Your insight really helps us understand what our kids have to go through.

Barbara, New Zealand

Kenny, your speech was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

Ayla, New Zealand