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So long and thanks for all the fish – Cleft Kids New Zealand brand retired

After nearly 10 years in New Zealand, Cleft Kids New Zealand finally retired it’s last remaining asset today – it’s website. Cleft Kids NZ (or Cleft Kidz NZ as it was known back then) originally began operating on 12 September 2005. It grew since then, with sponsorship from Woosh allowing the opening of a brand new and big website in 2008. This was replaced by an even bigger and broader website in 2009.

Cleft Kids New Zealand continued to operate until 2010 when there was the amalgamation of NZ’s two cleft support groups to form Cleft New Zealand – a one stop shop for all matters cleft related. This is where you will find up to date, local NZ support today. The website offered by Cleft Kids New Zealand remained online as an information source and archive of times gone by. However, the decision was made in late 2014 to close it as the information becomes more dated, and to avoid any confusion with Cleft New Zealand’s service.

Here are a few statistics though about the website since 2009 which you may be interested in:

All time page views and where they came from

Pageviews recently and since 2009

By far the most popular page was people wanting to find out about famous people with a cleft.

A snapshot of the website as it looked back in 2008 thanks to the Wayback machine

Looking for Cleft Support? Visit

Thanks to all those who supported the Cleft Kids New Zealand brand since it’s inception in 2005. But for now, from all those involved with Cleft Kids New Zealand, thank you and goodnight.

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