What’s changed at

Kia ora and welcome to the new website! You may notice that it looks a little different from what you were used to – but don’t worry, you’ll still find almost everything that was there before, and some things are now even easier to access than before! Plus, using is now safer than ever. Read more to find out about what’s new!

What’s new?
  • All content on is now hosted on – that means no more third party links to download podcasts, presentations or other resources – we brought them all back home and onto the server, meaning you never have to leave the website again to get any content.
  • The website lives where Kenny does – in New Zealand. In this modern era of international governments including the USA and the UK proposing changes to the law which may restrict what content can be posted online (e.g. expressing disagreement with a government policy or action), as someone who believes firmly in standing up for what’s right, and who regularly will discuss and examine the actions of government through both written posts and my radio journalism, I believe it is important to be able to air these views without fear of content being censored. Of course, all content on is lawful (and I firmly believe, it is also in good taste and educational), but by moving the website to New Zealand, it becomes solely subject to the laws of the land where I reside, and so I don’t have to fear my work being taken down by some wacky new Executive Order coming out of the USA.
  • The website is now hosted on a secure server (HTTPS) – basically, that means all data sent between you and our server is encrypted – this is becoming the standard nowadays, and although you do not enter confidential information on our site, we thought being ahead of the game and keeping our server secure is a good thing.
What’s improved?
  • The Podcast Library got a real makeover! Now each and every podcast has its own dedicated page on the website which can be linked to directly – great for sharing a specific podcast with others. Furthermore, you can now play podcasts straight from the page – no need to download and have a player to listen to the podcast on! You also can now search the podcast library – search by topic, guest, date, episode number, episode title. All Wireless Watchdog podcasts are there. It’s pretty awesome.
  • The home page. You will find the latest news from the colourful new homepage, or by clicking the ‘news’ tab. Posts are now categorised, so you can find the posts relevant to you more quickly by searching categories.
  • Connecting with me – you can now do this securely and quickly through a form on the connect page.
What’s disappeared?
  • The Seismic Shift and Heading Home with Kenny podcasts. Given the significant cost of hosting podcasts on our server, the decision was made to remove the older Seismic Shift and Heading Home with Kenny podcasts. These programmes aired from 2008-2011 and are rarely accessed nowadays, particularly Heading Home with Kenny podcasts which consist primarily of music. That being said, some of the Seismic Shift programmes from around the time of the Christchurch Earthquakes do hold some historical significance. Nevertheless, the decision was made not to transfer these to the new website. If you would like access to a Seismic Shift or Heading Home with Kenny podcast, please send Kenny an email through the connect page.
Enjoy the new website!