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Ladybeard/Dazed Beauty Photoshoot

Having been born with a visual difference has made me appreciate beauty in its many forms, and the fact that beauty is everywhere we look, we simply need only to open our eyes to it, and expand our minds beyond traditional stereotyped concepts of beauty. True beauty is all around, it’s the person across from you on the morning tube who catches your gaze and flashes you a smile, it’s your friend who spots you coming towards them and beams a welcoming grin, it’s your workmate smiling and greeting you on a Monday morning, it’s a family member’s open arms after a long journey home. I hope that rather than aspire to be like somebody else, we see our own beauty in the mirror and feel encouraged to embrace being ourselves because no-one else can do you quite like you.

Earlier this week I did something scary. My workplace was contacted by Ladybeard Magazine as they were doing an Instagram takeover of Dazed Beauty‘s page and wanted to showcase visible difference and help to redefine beauty. A year or two ago, there is no way that I would have done something like this. I was still rather reluctant, but my wonderful supportive colleagues encouraged me to take this step out of my comfort zone and give it a go. I’m glad I did, Tyro and Elliss who were doing the shoot were very professional and it was clear that they feel passionately about bringing about greater representation into the fashion industry. Thank you for the opportunity and showcasing me, just simply for being me.

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