UK – NZ Dictionary

Brits and Kiwis can agree on most things. But every now and then we can unwittingly confuse one another with our lingo. I've put together a guide to help you understand your foreign buddy - with this you'll be bilingual for British bants and Kiwi yarns in no time!


UK Flag NZ Flag
Hello / Hi Kia ora / G’day
Cheers Chur
Well done Ka pai
Don’t worry She’ll be right
Cock Up Balls Up / Tits up
Awesome Mean
Goodness Gracious! Struth!
Around the houses Tiki Tour
Good shout Good call
At the minute At the moment
First Rate / Fantastic Bonzer
Hurry Up! Rattle your dags!
Head over heels Arse over tit
No worries Good as gold
Telling a story Spinning a yarn
Telling off Rark up
A long time ago Yonks
Broken Munted


UK Flag NZ Flag
New Zealander Kiwi
Family Whānau
Idiot Manus / Muppet / Drongo
Funny person Hard case
Solicitor Lawyer
Player Slayer
Outcast Bundy

Food & Drink

UK Flag NZ Flag
Food Kai
Crisps Chips
Chips Hot Chips/Fries
Pudding Dessert
Aubergine Eggplant
Soured Cream Sour Cream
Courgette Zucchini
Pepper Capsicum
Sweets Lollies
Ice lolly Ice block / Popsicle
Kiwi Kiwifruit
Biscuit Cookie
Skimmed Milk Skim Milk
Box wine / Cask wine Goon
Prosecco Lindauer

Clothing & Footwear

UK Flag NZ Flag
Trousers Pants
Pants Underwear
Vest Singlet
Flip flops Jandals
Swimming Costume / Bathing Costume / Swimming Trunks / Bikini Togs
Wellies Gumboots
Trainers Sneakers

Work & Education

UK Flag NZ Flag
Tea Break Smoko
Secondary School High School
College High School
University College / University
Public School Private School
State School Public School
Gap Year OE
Bank Holiday Public Holiday

Everyday Items

UK Flag NZ Flag
Kettle Jug
Tipex Twink
Cool box Chilly bin
Barbeque Barbie
Face Cloth Flannel
Film Movie
Napkin Serviette
Dinner Tea
Hot Water Bottle Hottie
Trolley Trundler
Cling Film Glad Wrap
Hob Stove
Rubber Eraser
Punnet Pottle
Bedding Manchester
Petrol Gas/Fuel


UK Flag NZ Flag
Snogging Pashing
Love Aroha
To have sex To have a root


UK Flag NZ Flag
Off licence Bottle store
Supermarket The Super
Newsagent/Corner Store Dairy
Off the beaten track In the wop wops
National Health Service Public Health Service
Ground Floor First Floor
Jumble Sale Garage Sale

Motoring & Vehicles

UK Flag NZ Flag
Lorry Truck
Vauxhall Holden
Near Side Passenger’s Side
Off Side Driver’s Side
Gear Stick Stick Shift
MOT WOF (Warrant of Fitness)
Central Reservation Flush Median
Cut me up Cut me off
Aeroplane Aircraft


UK Flag NZ Flag
Deposit Bond
Standing Order Direct Debit
Pension Kiwisaver
Contactless Paywave
Bank Card EFTPOS Card

Illicit Substances

UK Flag NZ Flag
Methamphetamine / Speed P
Joint (Marijuana) Tinny
Cigarette Durry

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