Cleft Lip and Palate News

Finishing my role at CLAPA

After an incredible 3 and a half years as the Adult Services Manager, my time at CLAPA will come to an end on Monday 28th June 2021. It has been an incredible privilege to work with and for all of you and I have done my best to do my bit to help shine the light on the importance of continued care and support for adults.

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me, getting to meet and chat with many of you truly has been my favourite part of the job – the roadshows, adults conferences, Cleft Talk panels, I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved together, and a big shoutout to my colleagues (past and present) at CLAPA, and to Nicola Stock and the team at the Centre for Appearance Research who have also worked tirelessly on this project.

The mission continues in very capable hands! I’m pleased to say that the voice and needs of adults will continue to be heard. Many of you will know and have met Nicky Davis, our Adult Services Officer, who will be continuing in her post, and I’m also excited to introduce my newest colleague, Laura Ainsworth, our new Adult Services Coordinator. She is busy getting up to speed, but will introduce herself in here in due course. Some of you may also know my very experienced colleague Daniel who now looks after CLAPA’s Advocacy Service, and so you may also hear from him from time to time.

The easiest way to get in touch with the team is to email

Thank you again for all your support and enthusiasm over the years, not only to myself, CLAPA and the project, but also the support, kindness and empathy you demonstrate to each other – keep it up, it is the community’s strongest asset!

And finally, I will always have a personal connection to cleft, and will continue to work with cleft in other roles, so will never be too far away – I hope to see you around!

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